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While Vail Mountain Resort is often considered a winter destination, it is summer that keeps us here year-round. Whether you are a professional skier, two Olympic champions or have never seen snow, we welcome you to the Vails Mountain Resort. With over 100 miles of groomed trails, snowmobile trails reaching heights of almost 12,500 feet, the possibilities for groups are endless. If you are here in summer or winter, our veils are for you and your loved ones.

The ski resort was founded in 1962 at the foot of Vail Pass, and the gondola and two ski lifts are located on a mountain owned by the United States Forest Service.

Eagle County Schools also offers programs for students in grades 5-12 to participate in ski and snowboard competitions. Vail's private schools include Eagle County Public Schools, Eagle Valley High School and the University of Colorado School of Public Health. The transportation is provided by Eagle County with the help of the Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado State Highway Patrol and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The Town Shuttle provides a bus service with live timetable information at stops through Global Positioning System technology that tracks the buses.

The Colorado Department of Transportation offers intercity transportation systems to and from Vail as part of its Bustang program. Interstate 70 is the main highway in the state of Colorado and the only major thoroughfare between Denver and Colorado Springs. West of Vails, US Highway 6, which exists as a service road, merges with I-70 at Dowd Junction and meets U-S Highway 24 west of Dowd Junction. From there, you can reach the west to Utah, where you end at the intersection of Interstate 15. You can cross Glenwood Canyon as you cross it, as well as the Grand Canyon, Colorado River Valley and Utah.

The pass is named after a highway engineer who led US Highway 6 through Eagle Valley in the 1940s, which later became Interstate 70.

The town of Vail was built for mountain sports enthusiasts and combines a rich, upscale atmosphere with European motifs. The town is surrounded by the White River National Forest and leased by the United States Forest Service to the Vails Ski Resort. It has 193 km of marked ski slopes and has the highest elevation of all ski resorts in the USA and the second highest ski resort in Colorado.

The race runs almost exclusively on single trails and dirt roads and starts at the top of the Vail ski area at the White River National Forest. Runners start the descent to the finish line and the race begins in the parking lot of Eagle County Fairgrounds, just a few blocks from the ski area. Rodeo events held at Eagle County fairgrounds include rodeos, bull riding, rope jumping and horse riding. If you want to secure tickets to one of these events, you can get a seat here for just $10.00.

The race runs almost exclusively on single trails and dirt roads and starts at the top of the Vail ski area at the White River National Forest.

Once you have your liquor license, you can make the most of your trip to Vail, Colorado, and make it one of the best ski resorts in the country. Use this list to make your plans to ring in spring in Vail Colorado now, to envelop the winter mood. Make the most of your trip to Vail Colorado: Once you have completed the liquor licenses, make sure you plan when you will be back for your next ski trip or even just a weekend getaway.

Our team has compiled a top 10 list of Vail favorites, and we've put together some of our favorite events, including the Fourth of July events, to help you plan your Colorado summer.

In May, the net proceeds from Table 101 will benefit the Vail Valley Charity Fund. Help us to help the Fund finance its mission of education and outreach to children and families.

Just think of donating to a long-standing local who just wants to do the things they moved to Colorado for and did in the first place, be it a walk with a friend or a spa treatment here in the mountains. Take a trip to fly in the Eagle River or Gore Creek or just spend a day in Vail Valley with friends and family.

Book a day at the Vail Ski and Snowboard School, which offers courses for all levels and ages. Take a break from the snow or do without everything for a relaxing spa day, or take a trip to one of the many ski and snowboard areas in the area.

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