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When it comes to sports and sporting events, most of us who live here in the valley are participants rather than spectators. With baseball season approaching, March Madness nearing its end, and NBA and NHL seasons upon us, we felt it appropriate to address six local sports bars to watch. Trivia and open mic nights can compete with on-screen sporting action, so be prepared to cheer your team on to the sounds of local musicians jamming in the background.

Enjoy a few pre-game brews while the sun is out and watch the Super Bowl from the slope side, with 8 large screens offering midseason menus. Catch basketball and football on the big screen while the game showcases the best of Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies and Colorado State University football.

With a lively après-ski scene in front of a majestic mountain view, you will have a first-class viewing experience. Here you can follow the whole event and be a spectator, even if only for an hour or two. Here are some of the best places to watch Sunday's game from the slopes at the Vail Ski Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Located in the heart of the village of Beaver Creek, you can set up in the main cabin of the Vail ski resort for a great viewing experience.

Best of all, the bar usually offers some of the best food and beverage offerings in the area, including a recent promotion that offers free beer for everyone in Broncos jerseys, as well as free popcorn and beer. Watch the game on a large projector and enjoy the fun while sipping on a real local brew from one of the valley's best kept secrets. The game on the menu at Vail Ale House is the first to be served, not the last, so come first and watch the games.

If you are confused by the many offers or do not have a favourite, try one of the many options on the menu, such as the beer and wine list or the menu.

Philippon, Millett, Hackett & Provencher is located in the heart of downtown Denver, just blocks from the Denver Convention Center. The clinic offers a wide range of sports medicine, sports nutrition and fitness services. Located between Frisco and Edwards, CO, they host events such as the Colorado State Fair, Colorado Ski and Snowboard Championships, Denver Ski & Snowboard Championships and Colorado Cross Country Ski Championships.

O athletes of the Olympic and Premier League, including Olympic champions, Olympic silver medalists and Olympic champions. They also have a long list of returning athletes from the 2016 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. They include Olympic champions Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Michael Jordan, Chris Eberle and Michael Johnson.

Dr. Sterett has been the head coach of the US men's and women's basketball teams since 1997. Dr. Logan looks after the sideline and on the field, but he is also the team's caregiver for the players, coaches, staff, players and staff in the locker room and the community.

He was one of the original orthopaedic consultants selected to work with the Houston Texans football team in the NFL before moving to Vail in 2009. After serving as President of AOFAS, he served as an ankle surgeon representing the United States at the International Orthopastic Society of America (IOSA) and the American Orthopedic Society (AOS). He is also currently president and CEO of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACM). He has held the post since his appointment in 2010, the first time in his career.

The Cathedral Project continues to thrive today, awarding annual academic scholarships and being recognized by Tufts University as a nonprofit organization where medical students can volunteer to meet their service requirements. Vail Public Schools is home to Battle Mountain High School, which is open to any student who attends it. Eagle County Schools also offer a variety of opportunities for students in grades 5-12 to practice skiing and snowboarding. Vails private schools include the University of Colorado School of Public Health and Human Services and Eagle Valley School District.

Transportation is provided by Eagle County, and the Town Shuttle provides a service where bus stops are provided with live timetable information through Global Positioning System technology that tracks buses.

The Colorado Department of Transportation offers intercity transportation systems to and from Vail as part of its Bustang program. Interstate 70 is the main north-south highway in Eagle County and follows the original route of Highway 6 until the two intersections diverge at the Utah intersection, where it ends at Interstate 15. I-70 passes Glenwood Canyon, which is served by US Highway 24, U-Haul and U-Haul trucks. West of Dowd Junction, it meets US-S Highway 24 and reaches the western end of the Colorado-Utah border. It passes under Interstate 25 and Interstate 80 before reaching its final destination in Utah at Utah Boulevard in Salt Lake City.

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